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Governing Documents

  •  RCAS Bylaws [PDF] revised Feb. 2015
  • RCAS Statement of Principles [PDF]
  • RCAS Articles of Association [PDF]
  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee shall consist of current officers, the immediate past President, and one representative from each participating state. State Representatives shall be selected by the membership of their respective states. The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice annually. A meeting will be held during each of the semi-annual meetings.


    Officers are elected by the membership to serve for one year or until their successors are elected, and their term of office shall begin at the close of the winter meeting at which they are elected. No member shall hold more than one office at a time and no member shall be eligible to serve consecutive terms in the same office.\


    2020-2021 RCAS Officers

    Ray Covington
    University of Georgia/td>
    Vice President Joe Davlin Ohio State University
    Secretary Blake Brown
    University of Tennessee
    Walt Hitch
    University of Tennessee
    Communications Officer
    Vaughn Skinner
    University of Arknasas
    Past President
    Gerald Reid
    Ohio State University




    The President appoints a Nominating Committee consisting of three immediate past Presidents that are still active in the Society. The Nominating Committee is appointed during the annual meeting. The President appoints other special committees when the Society or the Executive Committee deem necessary.


    Don Hubell, Chair
    Barry Sims, Chair
    Jeremy Martin, Chair
    Clyde Bogle
    Jeff Chandler
    Matt Smith
    Joe Davlin
    Gerald Reid
    Tim Reinbott


    Site Selection
    Jarrod Jones, Chair
    Blake Brown, Chair
    Vaughn Skinner, Chair
    Pete Schultz
    Chuck Reid
    Steve Hawkins
    John Yost
    Jim Beaty
    Bob Hayes








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    For  general information contact Vaughn Skinner, RCAS Communications Officer.

    (479) 841-3362