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The society shall strive to advance the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning the nature, use, improvement, and interrelationships of research center administration scientific research, and new technology.





                                Feb 5-8, 2012, Birmingham, Alabama



Welcome to Alabama

Dr. William Batchelor, Dean,

Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station

Auburn University

Embryo Transfer Research

Dr. Neal Schrick,

Animal Science Dept. Head, Univ. of Tennessee

Securing the Load: A Guide to Safe and Legal Transportation of Cargo and Equipment

Steve Hawkins

Purdue Agricultural Experiment Station,

Purdue University

The Future of Field Days

Dr. Roy Burris

University of Kentucky


The Future of Field Days

Dr. Lyle Lomas

Kansas State University


The Future of Field Days

Robert Dunker

University of Illinois

Managing Change During Times of Declining Funds – A Nonprofit Perspective –

Mr. Mike Brown,

Civitan International

Staying Flexible And Productive During Change

Dale Carnegie Course

Nashville, TN

30 Years at Central Grasslands: From a Rundown Ranch to a Research Center

Paul Nyren, Ann Nyren

North Dakota State University

Innovative Ideas to Save Time and Money

RCAS membership moderated by Jim Beaty