Research Center Administrators Society
                                                                                                                                                 Annual Meeting Programs and Presentations

 Mission Statement:


The society shall strive to advance the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning the nature, use, improvement, and interrelationships of research center administration scientific research, and new technology.







                                Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2015, Atlanta Georgia



Weed Resistance: Manage It or It Will Manage You! 

Dr. Bob Hayes, Director, West Tennessee Research and Education Center, University of Tennessee

Public-Private Partnerships: New Reality for
Experimental Station Facilities

Dr. Nancy Cox, Dean, College of Agriculture, Food and
Environment, University of Kentucky


Integration of UAV's for Agricultural Applications:
Policy, Research and Commercialization

Dr. Glenn Rains, Professor, Department of Entomology,
University of Georgia


Crop Insurance and the 2014 Farm Bill

Todd Davis, Assistant Extension Professor, Agricultural
Economics, University of Kentucky


Apps for Agriculture

Vaughn Skinner, Resident Director, Arkansas Agricultural
Research and Extension Center, University of Arkansas


Recharge for Research and Facility Use

Debra Driskill, Business Manager, ANR Research and Extension
Center System, University of California

A Hybrid Model Approach to Livestock Use for

Dustin Flavell, Superintendent ANR Sierra Foothills Research and Extension Center, University of California

Role of Secondary Sites in Agricultural Research


Gail Buchanan, Former USDA Chief Scientist and Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics and Dean and Director Emeritus, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia


How to Reduce On-Farm Serious Injury and Fatalities
and Minimize Litigations from Farm WorkersSystem

Jesse Laprade, Extension Specialist, Farm Safety,
Auburn University


Build Your Brand: Marketing Your Organization

Jeanne Davis, Program Coordinator, Cooperative Extension-
Administration, University of Kentucky

High School on Your Campus? Challenges and

Jewell Tetterton, Research Operations Manager, Tidewater
Research Station, North Carolina Department of Agriculture


Variable Rate Center Pivot Irrigation

Blake Brown, Director, Milan Research and Education Center,
University of Tennessee


The Truck-Trailer Combination Vehicle:
Making Sure the Numbers Add Up

Steve Hawkins, Assistant Director, Purdue
Agricultural Centers, Purdue University