Research Center Administrators Society
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 Mission Statement:


The society shall strive to advance the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning the nature, use, improvement, and interrelationships of research center administration scientific research, and new technology.







                                Feb 2-4, 2014, Dallas, Texas 



Overview of Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Dr. David Lunt

Associate Director, Texas AgriLife Research

Texas A&M University University

University Turf Grass Demand and Priority on Irrigation Water

Dr. Mike Gould, Director

Dallas Research and Extension Center

Texas AgriLife Research

Co-Factors Affecting Florida Ag Water Use, Allocations and Protections

Craig Stanley

Director, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

University of Florida

Irrigation Systems and Techniques

Calvin Perry

Superintendent, Stripling Irrigation Research Park

University of Georgia

Irrigation Systems and Techniques

Stan Jones

Superintendent, Southwest Research and Education Center

University of Georgia


Gun Policies and Procedures on Outlying Research Stations and Main Campus

Pete Schultz

Director, Hampton Roads AREC

Viginia Tech University

Field Day Perspective on Maintaining Relevance

Jim Beaty

Superintendent, Agronomy Center for Research and Education

Purdue University

Exploring the Science of Climate Change and Agricultural Impacts


Albert Sutherland, CPH, CCA

Oklahoma State Mesonet Agricultural Coordinator

OSU BioSystems and Agricultural Engineering

National Weather Center, Norman, OK

System Wide Implementation of Farm Management Software

Cathy Herring

Superintendent, Central Crops Research Station

North Carolina Department of Agriculture

Technologies to Aid Efficiency at Any Level

John Garner

Superintendent, Horticulture Crops Research Station

North Carolina Department of Agriculture

Methods for Allocating Livestock Resources at Research Stations

Sherry Bell Surrette

Associate Professor and Head, Central MS Research and Extension Center

Mississippi State University


Methods for Allocating Livestock Resources at Research Stations

Donald Hubbell

Director, Livestock and Forestry Research Station

University of Arkansas


Recharge Operations, Service Centers, Earnings Funds-
Expense Recovery at the University of Kentucky

Robert Brashear

Assistant Dean, Facilities Management

College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

University of Kentucky

Trials  and Tribulations of Establishing Irrigation

Jon Leach, Pinnry Purdue Agricultural Center

Steve Hawkins, Assis\tant Purdue Farm Director

Purdue University