Research Center Administrators Society
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The society shall strive to advance the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning the nature, use, improvement, and interrelationships of research center administration scientific research, and new technology.







                                Feb 22-24, 2010, San Diego, California 



Stewarding Excellence @ Illinois

Robert Dunker
Superintendent, Crop Sciences Research and Education Center
University of Illinois

The Publication and Distribution of the Central Grasslands Research Extension CEnter Annual Report Through Newspaper Media

Anne Nyren
Administrative Officer
NDSU Central Grasslands Research Extension Center

Imperial County
2008 Agricultural Crop and Livestock Report

Jose F. De Soto
Hansen Ag Center
University of California

Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the University of California

Bill Frost

Associate Director, Research & Extension Center System
Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension
University of California

Preview of Hampton Roads Fall 2010 Meeting

Pete Schultz
Director, Hampton Roads Agricultural Research & Education Center
Virginia Tech University

South Coast Research and Extension Center


Darren L. Haver, Ph.D.
REC Director and Water Resources/Water Quality Advisor
University of California Cooperative Extension
Orange and Riverside Counties



Programs and Progress at Kearney REC and West Side REC

Bob Hutmacher
Cooperative Extension Specialist & West Side REC Director
Kearney REC Interim Director




Telling the ANR story
Using social media for  outreach & advocacy

Pam Kan-Rice
Assistant Director, News and Information Outreach
Communication Services and Information Technology
University of California at Davis

Recharge Rate Development

Brian Marsh
Center Director
Shafter Research and Extension Center
University of California


What is Agriculture all about in San Diego?

Valerie J. Mellano, Ph.D.
Environmental Issues Advisor
UC Cooperative Extension,
San Diego County

Environmental Health & Safety
Top Issues and Resources Available

Brian Oatman
EH&S Manager
Agriculture & Natural Resources
University of California

The History of Grass Roots Involvement in the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station

Paul E. Nyren
Director/Range Scientist
Central Grasslands Research Extension Center
North Dakota State University


AREC Field Days
Past, Present and Future – Renewing interest with new concepts

Pete Schultz
Director, Hampton Roads AREC
Virginia Tech University

Safety Chains and Pins for Agricultural Transport

Phil Walker
Director Northeast Purdue Agricultural Center
Purdue University

Steve Hawkins
Assistant Purdue Farm Director

Purdue University

Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Browns Valley, CA

Bill Frost

Associate Director, Research & Extension Center System
Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension
University of California