Feb 2007 South Padre Island

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Hotel Banquet Banquet2 Bill and Fred
Bill Peterson Award Bill Peterson Dirty Plate Award Bill Peterson Dirty Plate Award2 Border Patrol
Border Patrol2 Cane Chuck Elvis
Elvis2 Group Group2 Group3
Jim Beaty Jim to the Rescue John Hodges Dirty Plate Award Mexican Fruit Fly
New President Mike Phillips Passing Gavel2 Paul Sebesta TX07 Paul Sebesta
Paul Presidents Plaque PZ300234 PZ300238
PZ300243 PZ300244 PZ300245 PZ300259
PZ300261 PZ300262 PZ300263 PZ300264
PZ300267 PZ300270 PZ300271 PZ300275
PZ300276 PZ300285 PZ300297 PZ300343
Sugar Mill6 USDA Tour2 USDA Tour3 USDA Tour4
USDA Tour6 Wildlife Tour3